Abel Tasman Coastal Walk
New Zealand is home to nine so-called 'Great Walks'. These are man-made tracks that offer great scenery and a full wilderness experience but are also easily accessible from major towns. One of them is found in Abel Tasman National Park: The Abel Tasman Coastal Track.
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Banded Rail
Banded rails are birds that are considered to be naturally uncommon. This is due to their unique brownish plumage that helps them to hide in their preferred habitat - under wetland vegetation. Their posture is similar to many flightless birds in New Zealand. However, they are not flightless and can, in fact, cover great distances.
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Giant Snails - Powelliphanta
The Powelliphanta is the largest land snail species on earth. It is air breathing and carnivorous feeding on earthworms and slugs like spaghetti. These snails are endemic to New Zealand and prefer moist environments from sea level to above the tree line.
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